The stand ADT, a market leader in the Benelux, offers a web shop where every dentist can find his or her needs. They are constantly expanding their assortment and pay attention to quality and customer [...]



The stand Aluminum applications for awnings, that is the product these stands exhibit. It’s all about climate control. AVZ has a wide range of products: outdoor blinds, screens, profiles, shutters and garage doors. The [...]



The stand Bonar, a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality technical textiles, came to iNEX with a demand for an open, tall stand with a sleek and stylish look. This is accomplished by use of [...]



The stand Cagemax, a company that provides high-grade animal proteins and fats, wished for a stand which combined product presentation and hospitality. The stand is obviously designed in the style of Cagemax with a [...]



The stand Calex has an extensive range of lighting products, batteries and electric components in their collection. Nowhere else you will find an unique assortment like this.Calex desired a stand for maximum product presentation. [...]



The standChampo asked iNEX to design and build a stand that acts as a showroom, with various partitions that provide an opportunity for Champo to exhibit her products. This resulted in a stand with ample [...]



The stand Cremer is a company that offers solutions for counting products in the pharmaceutical industry and other food and non-food industries worldwide. Cremer wished to set up a stand, in which working machines [...]


De Melker

The stand De Melker wanted a stand where the latest products are displayed in an open and accessible manner. In addition to space for the product, there is also room for hospitality. The high hanging [...]



The stand Disphar International focuses on the development and licensing of pharmaceutical products. This stand tells the story behind this medical world. The luminosity of this display streamlines the product. The photos show authority [...]


Enerpac (double deck stand)

The stand Enerpac, world leader in the field of hydraulic tools and machines, expresses its brand identity by means of this stand in Munich. The appearance of the products and corporate identity are strongly represented. [...]


ERS Railways

The stand ERS Railways is one of the largest private railway companies in Europe, and are for instance responsible for the trains on the Betuwe-track. This open and accessible stand is realized in the style [...]



The standFor FFWD, a company that manufactures wheels for road bikes and mountain bikes, iNEX created a stand that gives the impression of passing through a museum. In this way, the product is well featured [...]



The standFor Flowcomm Netherlands BV, a company that provides hygienic process components such as pumps, valves and heat exchangers, iNEX designed two stands with a focus on hospitality. The story of Flowcomm is told through [...]



The stand Fremax, a company that has been manufacturing automotive components for more than 30 years, wanted a stand in which its corporate identity and product are key. Fremax is known for its quality and [...]


Haynes Pro

The stand Haynes Pro, a company that focuses exclusively on the automotive industry, desired a stand with maximum product exposure. The stand has two open spaces and an information desk. The large graphic banners in [...]



The standHELUKABEL is a German-based manufacturer and supplier of cables, wires and accessories. They produce for every market and application in which a cable is needed. For Helukabel Holland INEX was asked to design a [...]


Heraeus Kulzer

The stand For Heraeus Kulzer, a company that helps customers to maintain oral health and well-being of the patient, iNEX realised a light, clean and sleek design. iNEX uses the sleek angular shapes, and the [...]


HK Elektric

The stand HK Electric, active on the Dutch market as an importer of electrical articles, wanted an open, colorful stand with room for hospitality and product presentation. The big graphic eye catcher, in a the [...]


Holland Colours

The stand Holland Colours, a company that produces worldwide solid and liquid colorants and high-quality additives devises, wished for a stand in which its new colorful house style is combined with plenty of space and [...]



The stand iNEX designed and built a tall open stand for HPS, a company that strives for efficient communication through proven innovative communication technology. Visitors will have the opportunity to view products from HPS, or [...]



The stand For iWriter, specialist in the field of document creation and corporate surveillance, iNEX has designed a stand in which the traffic is metaphorically represented by lines (in the color of the productgroups). The [...]


KBM Affilips

The stand KBM Affilips wanted a stand in which the company plays a central role. The visitor should feel at home in a cozy and charming stand with room to show the expertise of KBM [...]



The stand For LCF, who specialize in the creation and production of quality shirts and blouses, iNEX realized a stand with a store-like appearance. The blouses are displayed on imaginary properties to the wall, the [...]



The stand mFLOR, specialist and market leader in PVC design flooring, shows its products in various ways, presenting its designer floors on both floors and walls. Thus, the available space is used optimally for product [...]



The stand Plasticon Composites is a leader in the supply of GRP and Dual Laminate products. Its products offer the ideal solution for corrosion problems in chemical processes. The stand is realized in a small [...]



The stand Sappi, a leading global provider of sustainable woodfibre products and solutions, showcases a variety of packaging and specialty papers/ casting and release papers at their various stands in Europe and China. In one [...]



The standSpaansen wished for a stand that breathes 'comfort'. iNEX strives after this by means of an open and raised stand in which there is room for a wide bar. In addition, the walls with [...]



The standThermoware, a company focused on the development and production of machines for cups, wished for a stand where everything is presented on the same level. With an eye for product, color and branding, the [...]


Unilin (double deck stand)

The stand The stand of Unilin, an innovative supplier of insulation panels and roofing elements, a double deck with extra special steel construction to present the total product of Unilin. Using a relatively small area, [...]



The stand Wellsani wanted a stand in which the products are presented as if one were in a museum. The spacious and open position with high walls ensures that many products are displayed at the [...]



The stand For Wooky, a Canadian company that offers toys, iNEX builds a stand in which the walls are used as a showcase. These walls ensure that the situation looks somewhat closed, but due [...]


Wooky (double deck stand)

The stand Wooky, a Canadian company that offers toys, wanted a stand with maximum use of the stand space, without it all being directly accessible. A great reason to choose for a secondary level [...]



The stand Zoey Logistics, a company that services logistical needs, has a small stand area with space for hospitality. The full-color graphic eye catcher on top of the stand provide the appearance of the [...]