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During the preparations for the exhibition where you are going to present your company, life is sometimes very hectic. Has everything been arranged? What else needs to be done? We make your life simpler by taking over everything that is to do with the realisation of your stand. We want you to remember us as the professional partner who created rest at this time. So you will come back to us. For our objective is to create a long term relationship.


Based on our unique design we make the technical drawings and communicate with great care with the exhibition organizers. Everything must be correct to the smallest detail and be legally valid. When preparing and building the stand we take all the requirements and made agreements into account: We take care of all.

After the exhibition we take care of the dismantling of the stand. Because of our organized logistical process we can store the materials in our own depot. In short: we produce and arrange everything. For this is our concept: we take away your concerns!

Every detail is taken into account. I’m totally satisfied with the collaboration between Holland Colours and iNEX. We understand each other and the result is always great.
Gina Provo Kluit, Holland Colours
Presenting a 3D drawing of what was once started as vague ideas. The magical thing is that the final stand is exactly the same as the drawing.
Elkan de Kraaij, Electro Cirkel - Calex Holland