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The process starts with the wishes of the customer. What are the customer needs? Based on what identity we get started? Together with the customer we set goals. Based on this and the brand identity iNEX starts working out a custom made concept/design.In this we continuously communicate with the customer about our goal. At end the stand is built based on the customer needs and the final design.

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We start with the briefing information. iNEX will use this and the customer identity to provide an intelligent and efficient design that is perfectly put into practice. This enables customers to achieve their goals.

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iNEX works with creative professionals. They deliver high quality and are multidisciplinary experienced. Based on the briefing they start with the design. All aspects are covered, such as materials, lighting and visuals. Exhibit more in a small area? iNEX has experience with double deck stands.


A design about which both the customer and iNEX are extremely excited will be constructed at the exhibition. We provide an accurately process from concept to production. No exhibition is too far away, we build worldwide!

Mflor stand